Company Information

  • Name of the Company: SAKA International Limited
  • Service: Provides Turnkey solution for the Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry
  • Country of Operation: Bangladesh
  • Process & Packaging Machineries Division
  • Laboratory Instrument Division
  • Raw Material Division
  • Packaging Materials Division
  • Industrial Flooring Division
 Registration and Permission from Bangladesh & Foreign Regularity Bodies
  • Bangladesh Bank Permission No.: EC/DA/INV/729/5052/91. Permanent (Gen)
  • Indenting Registration number: B19755
  • Member of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of German Chamber of Commerce

Sister Companies

Azbil Telstar

Azbil Telstar (Headquarters: Terrassa, Spain) established its Bangladesh subsidiary through a joint venture with SAKA International Ltd., with whom it has built a relationship based on mutual trust, to provide local customers with finely-tuned service such as refurbishment and maintenance of existing facilities and equipment, as well as to promote business activities for developing future sales channels. The Azbil Group possesses the technologies and know-how for optimization, energy conservation, and environmental controls of factory and building HVAC, manufacturing lines, and laboratories including the pharmaceutical industry, which were cultivated in Japan. The group will deploy these technologies and know-how in the life science field, in which it collaborates with Azbil Telstar, as well as in other fields in Bangladesh, thereby contributing to the country's development on multiple fronts.


For Pharmaceutical production

  1. GMP Pilot/industrial Lyophilizers (Freeze Dryers)
  2. Auto loading/unloading system for vials
  3. Barrier systems (Containment/Aseptic isolator, RABS, laminar flow booth)
  4. Sterilizers (ETO, Autoclave, Dry Heat Oven, etc.)
  5. Treatment and Purification Equipment for Pharmaceutical Quality Water, Pure steam generator, CIP/SIP, Waste Treatment System

For Laboratory

  1. Cabinets (Bio-safety cabinet, Clean bench, Movable Work station)
  2. Ultra-low temp. Refrigerator
  3. Lab scale Freeze dryer





After sales support

Calibration for lab equipment


OW Maskin

OW Maskin Service was established as a joint venture company between SAKA & Denmark supported by private Sector Development Program of Danish Govt. Currently it is 100% owned by SAKA. It is a fabrication unit for various parts and spares required in pharma production and packaging machinery. The products are substitutes for the parts which would otherwise have to be imported at high costs.

Morgan Chemilink Ltd

Morgan Chemilink Ltd dealing with active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients.Service includes formulation & process development, outsourcing of new generation API for biotechnological and similar products & technological support for production of specialized API.

  Quality Policy & Mission

The management and employee workforce are committed to successfully deploy the company’s quality policy to all aspects of the company – assuring continued safe and effective products of highest quality for the customers. The commitment will be maintained through having the right people for the right job doing things and partnering with selective sources. This includes:

  • New technologies that allow development of safe and effective products that enhance the quality of life.
  • An experienced workforce equipped with continuing education in quality techniques and philosophy.
  • A management team that is accountable for effective review and support of quality through prioritization, resourcing and timely execution of quality-conscious decision-making.
  • Confirmation of the successful operation based upon the testimony of the customers, shareholders, regulators, business partners, and employees.






Isa Mahmud Khan

Associate director

Towhid Alam Khan

Associate Director

Tamzid Alam Khan

Associate Director

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SAKA International Limited Rangs Panaroma (4th Floor), 80 Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh.

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